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Sentry Health was founded on National Canadian Physician’s Day. It was born out of a desire to support our first responders by focusing on exceptional and uniform care for physicians, patients and practitioners alike. Delivering better medical outcomes does not have to come at the cost of provider health.

Our combination of services seeks to enable a greater patient well-being and enterprise health through the digitization and automation of clinical procedures. Sentry Health seeks to improve the quality of life of our partners by tirelessly improving and expanding on the frontiers of clinical practice.

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The Sentry Century Vision

By the end of the century we want to redefine the understanding of the quality of life and expand human longevity beyond present comprehension.

Our founding team today is half way between the first and second quartile in life.  Should we progress meaningfully towards our vision, not only will we live to see it, we’re certain many others will too.

Our Vision Defined

Redefining Quality of Life  We must innovate and expand on the traditional measurements of quality of life.  We must take into account a broader set of factors like educational levels, productive purpose, quality of social interactions, economic security, rights and governance and overall experience in life.  Formulating and constructing the proper models to measure and monitor such factors is just the beginning.

Overcoming Mental Health We will bring forth, de-stigmatize and combat mental illness. We’ll learn to identify its origination, detect its presence, track its proliferation and treat its aftereffects. We must raise its awareness and drive down the barriers to developing healthy psycho-social interactions. We’ll leverage these insights to better understand psychosomatic relationships and evaluate psychopharmacological outcomes. 

Expanding Preventative Care We will broaden the frontiers of preventative care. We will progress preventative monitoring and comprehensive multi-disciplinary profiles by integrating the latest technological hardware. Leveraging our foundations in predictive insights, we will develop evidence based decision making models for life enhancement. In sharing our learnings we hope to give people the power and insights to determine their health.

The combination of these components will be the impetus to life extension. The Sentry Century Vision will test our ability to follow through on our ambitions. Should we progress meaningfully towards our vision, not only will we live to see it, we’re certain many others will too. 

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