Physical & Virtual  Practice all-in-one

Patients today demand phone consultations, virtual appointments, SMS reminders and a spotless walk-in practice 

Add on charting, scheduling, patient engagement, EMR issues, payroll & lease management and you know how crazy it can get

We’ve been through it. As seasoned clinical operators we take full responsibility of the well-being of your practice.  We leverage technical tools, virtual staff and intelligent algorithms to produce highly effective practices with better patient outcomes.

Eliminate Administrative Burden

Overhead Coverage Protection

Increase Patient Assessments

How it Works

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Deep Assessment

We know every clinic is different and we’ve seen quite a few. We perform a full assessment of your processes and show you how we’ll be able to transform your practice.


Coordinated Integration

Our team meticulously develops a step-by-step action plan to implementing our tools and services. Our methodologies ensure that our systems will continually work in harmony with your practice to serve your patients best. 


Operational Reporting

Our future depends on your future. We provide you with comprehensive reporting highlighting key metrics that are vital to the health of your practice. We work closely with you to ensure we getting you the results you need.


Continuous Learning

Innovation and adaptability is at the core of our ethos. We listen to you, your patients and your colleagues to develop new tools that continually improve our processes.

Sentry Systems:
A Fully Integrated Approach To Health Care

Patient Engagement

We handle your voice, chat and scheduling to ensure that your patients are always in touch with you. By engaging your patients we’ll ensure they’re always up to date on your best practices.

Dynamic Scheduling

Our system will optimize your schedule so that you can determine how much time you spend in-person or in-virtual consultations. 2 days at home, 3 in the clinic, not a problem at all. Your pick list will always be ready for you before you start.

Intelligent Virtual Triage

The digital triaging system will improve the flow of your clinic by identifying patients that could be virtually assessed or need to be physically seen.

Optimized Consultations

We’ll ensure your health care team is trained and ready for the days ahead. Leveraging our virtual staff will ensure your able to fluidly handle the busiest of days.

Why Sentry Health?

“Geography Shall No Longer Be A Limitation Of Your Practice”

Administrative Services

– Patient intake and reception
– Staff training, recruiting and payroll
– Optimized billing, reporting & financial management
– General office administration
– Lease & facility management

Technological Advancement

– Virtual clinic setup
– Virtual clinic management
– Telemedicine installation and technical training
– Intelligent virtual triage
– EMR management and maintenance

Patient Engagement

– Patient scheduling, booking, and engagement
– Incoming and outgoing phone calls
– Patient feedback and efficacy reports


– Expanding patient and referral network
– Balanced physician work preferences
– Clinic success factors

Discover The Sentry Standard

Advancing patient outcomes and physician freedom by automating the frontiers of clinical capabilities.